Thursday, 21 February 2013

T-Shirt Design Project- Kate Simpson

In my research I found out about high heel racing in different countries and found this particular image which I paired with the phrase 'head over heels'. I starting a t-shirt design using biro and then moved on to a larger ink painting which I continued to add to, ending up with this final colourful ink painting. I then went on to use this phrase as a tag line for a brand which I used on my packaging for the t-shirts.

T-Shirt Design Project- Kate Simpson

After researching the stiletto heel, I produced several images based on phrases or ideas in it's history. This gold card is a response to the fact that the pressure under a heel is greater than that under the feet of an elephant.

Combining the heel with the stiletto blade it is named after.
Biro and Paint

Symbolising the term 'well-heeled' which used to refer to those of a high social status. 
Influenced by Luke Dixon, using ink.

Image is based on medical problems associated with wearing stiletto heels and depicts an x-ray of a foot whilst wearing heels. I used pencil overlayed with tissue paper and biro.

These images were observational drawings using coloured drawing inks which I allowed to bleed, and then added darker outlining using black ink when they had dried.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Inventions Project

Short animation looking into the history of television using a mix of digitally drawn sketches and old television footage dating back to mid-twentieth century. To find more of my work follow the link below;
The audio is 'XX' taken from Machinedrum's 'Want To 1 2?' album released in 2009 on Brooklyn-based boutique label 'Normrex'.