Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Inventions project T-shirt design -Rosie Hewitt

This is my final t-shirt design and packaging for the Inventions project. My invention was the bra, and my idea revolved around the uses of a bra other than it being worn. This idea was using it to support growing vegetables in the garden, hence the phrase 'hang it' and the packaging relating to growing tomato seeds. I also put a bag of seeds in the bottom of the box to make the rattling noise of a seed packet.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Inventions Project by Lily Livingston

Inventions Project - Rosie Corfe

'Technology Takeover' symbolised by tattoos covering the body.

inventions by ben simpson

T-Shirt finished, being worn. By Rosie Hounsham

Finished T-Shirt Design - Rosie Hounsham


Inventions project - Caroline Young

Final t-shirt design and package

Gold-card print

Back of t-shirt desgin

Front of t-shirt design

Another design

I decided to focus on the telephone for my invention and the main idea was being 'trapped in conversation'. I wanted to create a design that consists of lots of different mediums whilst also really capturing the concept of being trapped. 

TV shirts

Working in the style of Banksy, I came up with an idea of hands coming out of the TV holding different things that are shown on the television. This is my final idea for my T-shirt.

This drawing of the olympics is part of my second idea. I thought I might add this because I feel this is my strongest image for my second idea.

Katherine Pearce

Inventions project

The final t-shirt and packaging for the project based on the invention of the telephone. I was looking at combining imagery of body parts involved in communicating with mechanical imagery of telephone parts.
Charlotte Milner

Inventions Project

This is my final T-shirt design promoting Marconi's Radio.
By Ed Jones.

Lauras inventions project

this is one of my tshirt designs for the inventions project. My invention was television and I based my designs on the poem "Mike Teevee" from charlie and the chocollate factory by Roald Dahl. This image is based around the line "it kills imagination dead".

karls inventions